don’t let this web hosting mistake ruin your online business.

poor website performance & unreliable emails.

When hosting several sites on a single hosting environment, you increase the load on the server, which can slow down your website’s performance and cause it to crash or experience other technical issues. Additionally, if one site on the shared platform is compromised, it can put all the other sites at risk, potentially exposing sensitive information and undermining your website’s reputation.

To put this into perspective, let’s consider a sporting team that needs five new players to strengthen their team. Instead of spending their budget wisely and investing in all five players, they decide to splurge all their money on one superstar player. However, by doing so, they are putting all their eggs in one basket and relying too heavily on the skills of one player. Even if that player is exceptionally talented, they cannot fulfill the roles and responsibilities of five different players, they will end up being utilised incorrectly, affecting the team’s overall performance.

multiply the effects of a hack.


While it may seem like a cost-effective solution to cram multiple sites onto one hosting environment, this can have severe repercussions for the performance and security of your website. By doing so, you risk poor website performance, compromised security, and the potential for a devastating hack. Just as a successful sport team needs a well-rounded squad of players, a successful online presence requires a balanced investment in all essential aspects of web hosting. It’s important to invest wisely and ensure that proper security measures are in place to protect your online business. Don’t let this web hosting mistake ruin your online business.