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Hassle-free IT and web support with a personal touch.

Want the benefit of an in-house IT department,
without the costs?
Reach out now
(You’ll speak to one of two brothers in Australia,
not an overseas call centre.)
Want the benefit of an in-house IT department, without the costs?

Before you scroll any further.

Has your website been hacked?

Even if you aren’t quite sure if your website has been hacked, the safest thing to do is call us right now.

The longer you leave it, the more damage the hackers will do to your website and reputation.

And it might be enough to destroy your customers’ trust in you forever.

"Perth IT Care literally saved our business in our hour of need. Our now-previous IT providers had lost all of our emails and were now holding our information to ransom. In one very quick phone call, both Adrian and Paul leapt into action and took total control of the situation."

Kareis Singleton

Owner, Decode Security
and Data

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Tired of big IT companies stuffing you around?

Few things are more frustrating than IT and web support problems.

So the last thing you need when you’re already stressed is “help” from a big IT company that doesn’t care about your small business and wants to palm you off as quick as possible.

You don’t have time to learn IT and web support on top of everything you’ve already had to learn to run your business.

And you definitely don’t have time to back-and-forth with a chatbot or somebody from a third-party call centre overseas.

So why get tangled up with a big-name IT company at all?

Especially when you can bring in local experts who actually care about you and what you do.

We're not a big, faceless agency. We're genuinely here to help.

At Perth IT Care, we offer IT and web support in all its forms. From web development and web rescue to phone system installation and IT training, and beyond.

When you call us, the phone isn’t picked up overseas.

Our names are Adrian and Paul Ioppolo, and your call will be picked up by one of us.

We’re a small business, and we protect small businesses.

Through expert IT and web support, we’ll give you the tools and peace of mind you need to succeed in the digital world.

And we guarantee a personal, human experience every time you get in touch.

Paul Ioppolo headshot, founder of Perth IT Care and IT techinician with 16 years experience

Paul 'Pops' Ioppolo


Paul is an IT troubleshooter who can do it all — a genuine ace of all trades. Building servers, debugging, and implementing IT strategies for business growth are his bread and butter, but no project is too big (or too small) for this digital wizard. He loves a good challenge.

Web support Perth Web support Perth Web support Perth Web support Perth Web support Perth Web support Perth
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“My then hosting company didn’t want to know about it. I was still waiting for a call back 10 days after the issue was escalated.’”

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Leave the troubleshooting to us.

If you’re ready to ditch the faceless IT companies and team up with a small Aussie business that genuinely cares about you and what you do, give us a call or reach out through our contact form. 

(And remember, there are no silly questions. We’re here to help, not to judge.)

email us.


phone us.

(08) 6336 7722

see us.

“I filled out their contact form (made a distress call) and in no time Adrian was on the phone helping me out.”

Marcus Browne

Owner, Mishack

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Do you only offer IT and web solutions in Perth?

We offer IT and web care throughout Australia, unless the job requires us to physically visit your place of business. Many IT and web support tasks can be done remotely, however, so please get in touch with us regardless of where you are in Australia.

Do you only work with small businesses?

We generally work with companies with 1 to 50 employees, but please get in touch with us regardless of size — because we’re here, first and foremost, to help Aussies in need.

What happens if I try to contact you outside of business hours?

We understand the enormity of web presence, and the crucial role it plays in business today. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer website recovery services that can help you recover your website; if it has been lost due to a domain or hosting lapse, and even if it has been damaged due to hacking. We are expertly knowledgeable on ways to recover data quickly and efficiently, enabling your website's data to be restored and giving you one less thing to worry about.

I’m a small business; why would anyone bother hacking me?

It’s a common misconception that hackers only target big businesses. If you’ve left your front door open, the hackers will take advantage of it, and they won’t stop until they’ve gotten what they want or your website and reputation are utterly destroyed. It’s always better to prevent this from happening in the first place — by locking shutting and locking your front door (i.e. teaming up with web experts who can secure your site).

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When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, there are several factors to consider. Your website's performance and visibility in search engines greatly depend on your hosting provider. Look for a reliable web hosting company that offers a variety of hosting options, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. Consider your server location for optimal speed and choose a provider that offers top web hosting plans with features like SSD storage, daily backups, and a user-friendly control panel. If you're building a website with a website builder or using WordPress, ensure that your hosting option supports these platforms. Additionally, if you're looking for Australian web hosting, seek providers that offer server locations in Australia and consider those that provide unlimited resources at affordable prices to meet your needs. Like A2 Hosting, a prominent provider, we offer unlimited and cheap web hosting plans, including specialised WordPress hosting, which can be equipped with an intuitive website builder for effortless and customisable site creation. A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers that delivers web content efficiently based on user location, enhancing website performance.We offer local small business web support. Consider opting for a hosting offer with dedicated servers that includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. Some web hosts also provide VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth, ensuring a reliable and flexible hosting solution for your online presence. Web hosting services often provide dedicated servers, ensuring a robust and exclusive hosting environment for clients. Many reputable hosts offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, reflecting their confidence in the quality of their services, which may include VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth to accommodate diverse online needs.