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A full business phone system in the palm of your hand.

Cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems use the internet instead of phone lines.

The brains of these systems (i.e. the hardware) don’t live in your office. Instead, they’re hosted by your service provider, and you simply connect with them through the net.

This unlocks the door to an arsenal of powerful features that’ll help your small business evolve, scale, and thrive.

This unlocks the door to an arsenal of powerful features that’ll help your small business evolve, scale, and thrive.

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One central platform

Centralise your communication in one easy-to-use platform. Voice calls, video conferences, and chats — all in one place.
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Use any device

Don’t waste money on bulky desk phones. Use existing PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and scale at any time.
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In office or remote

Remote, hybrid, in-office — it doesn’t matter. Transfer calls between devices on the go and do business from anywhere in the world.
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App Integration

Seamlessly integrate with CMRs, Microsoft 365, and other productivity tools at the click of a button. Your workflow — supercharged.
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Powerful features

Call recording, transcription, auto attendant, voicemail, call forwarding — any feature you can think of, a cloud phone system delivers.
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Easy setup

No on-premises hardware means low set-up and maintenance costs. Rest easy knowing your service provider will handle the troubleshooting.
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Secure and reliable

With robust off-site hosting and data backups, your business will be safe against natural disasters, human error, and cyber attacks.
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Clear, crisp communication mitigates the threat of a misunderstanding and results in exceptional customer experience.
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Local Aussie support

The best thing about using website hosting in Perth is that you can pick up the phone and get support from a local right away. No more waiting on hold for 17 hours to get “help” from an overseas call centre.
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What are the cons of cloud phone systems.

Every technology has its pros and cons, and cloud-based VoIP systems are no exception.

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Already invested in hardware

For instance, if you’ve invested a lot of money in an on-premises phone system for your small business, setting all that hardware aside and transitioning to the cloud can be quite inconvenient.

Learning a new system

Especially if your team is highly proficient with your current system.

Needs a strong internet connection

Then there’s the elephant in the room: internet speed.

Cloud phone systems are absolutely at their best when paired with a strong internet connection.

Dips in latency can result in annoying delays in voice and video calls. And your internet could drop out entirely, cutting an important video conference short and frustrating everyone involved.

But there are ways to mitigate this.

There are ways to iron out the kinks of a cloud phone system.

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The Perth IT Care difference.

We’re Perth IT Care, and we can install and optimise your cloud phone system.

Our go-to small business phone system is Microsoft Teams Phone, an integration for Microsoft Teams.

Hybrid setup - best of both worlds

We use our IT superpowers to overcome what few weaknesses this system has, focusing on reducing latency to improve clarity and stamp out delays. That way, there’s never any misunderstanding between your customers and team.

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Tight -knit support

With us, you’ll get all the benefits of a big company — like the infrastructure and software — but also the tight-knit support of a local small business that actually cares about you. Because dealing with a big preoccupied company like Microsoft can be frustrating to say the least.

Installed remotely in a day

Plus, when you team up with us, you won’t have to wait for someone to come in and install your new system. We can use remote access to get you set up right away, in the span of a day.

This is how it works:

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You reach out to us with your requirements and questions.


We give you a quote tailored to your specific needs.


We install and optimise the system off-site, using remote access.


Your team logs in to Microsoft Teams on all of their devices.

Smooth operations

Now everything will be running smoothly, and you can use your new business phone system without any hassle.

We're not a big, faceless agency. We're genuinely here to help.

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IT experts

We’re Perth IT Care, your most reliable option for small business phone systems in Perth.

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Local help

When you call us, the phone isn’t picked up in a call centre overseas. Our names are Adrian and Paul Ioppolo, and the phone will be picked up by one of us.

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Protecting small businesses

We’re a small business, and we help small businesses.Through expert IT and web support, we’ll give you the tools and peace of mind you need to succeed in the modern world.And we guarantee a personal, human experience every time you get in touch.

Adrian Ioppolo from Perth IT Care

Adrian 'the Beard' Ioppolo

Web Guy

Adrian is a web support and technical SEO sorcerer. He has recovered and upgraded many small businesses’ websites, freeing them from malware and hackers and ultimately helping them win more business. Worry not. You’re in good hands.

Paul Ioppolo from Perth IT Care

Paul 'Pops' Ioppolo


Paul is an IT troubleshooter who can do it all — a genuine ace of all trades. Building servers, debugging, and implementing IT strategies for business growth are his bread and butter, but no project is too big (or too small) for this digital wizard. He loves a good challenge.

Business phone solutions that fit the way you work.

No matter the size of your business, our 100% customisable business phone systems have you covered.

We’ll set you up with a solution that suits your exact needs, but these three packages should give you an idea of what you’d need to invest to launch your business into the clouds:

Tight-knit team.

$60/mo/user inc GST
5 logins
Supports 15 devices
Remote installation
All the features of Microsoft Teams Phone
Perth IT Care optimisation
Unlimited local support
All call costs included (excluding 1300, 13, and international numbers)

Expanding crew.

$57/mo/user inc GST
10 logins
Supports 30 devices
Remote installation
All the features of Microsoft Teams Phone
Perth IT Care optimisation
Unlimited local support
All call costs included (excluding 1300, 13, and international numbers)

Biggish small biz.

$54/mo/user inc GST
20 logins
Supports 60 devices
Remote installation
All the features of Microsoft Teams Phone
Perth IT Care optimisation
Unlimited local support
All call costs included (excluding 1300, 13, and international numbers)
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"It’s comforting to know they’re Perth locals and can be reached during business hours"

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Experience the magic of a modern business phone system.

If you’re ready to streamline your small business and partner up with a local team that’s always in your corner, give us a call or use our contact form.

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"I filled out their contact form (made a distress call) and in no time Adrian was on the phone helping me out."

Marcus Browne

Owner, Mishack

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Mishack Architect Logo

Do you only install business phone systems in Perth?

While we work out of Perth, we can install phone systems for small businesses anywhere in Australia, thanks to remote access.

Can I still use desk phones with Microsoft Teams Phone?

If you’d like to use handsets instead of existing devices like PCs, mobile phones, and tablets, we can acquire Microsoft Teams-compatible handsets and mail them to you.

Do I still need phone line access?

Traditional phone systems — meaning copper-wire landlines — have been decommissioned in Australia. You won’t need phone line access to use cloud-based VoIP systems. Just an internet connection.

Can I do video conferencing?

Microsoft Teams includes video conferencing, allowing you to swap between video calls, voice calls, and text chats with ease.

Does Microsoft Teams Phone come default with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Phone is technically an integration for Microsoft Teams. But save the technical stuff for the tech guys. We’ll set all of this up for you.

Case studies.

Efficient management of phone calls and phone numbers is paramount for any small business. Having a reliable office phone system, including a VoIP phone system or PBX system, can make all the difference. With features like unlimited calls and an automated phone system for small business, you can handle incoming calls seamlessly while providing excellent customer support. Consider implementing a virtual receptionist to assist with customer inquiries, further enhancing your customer support. These telephone systems are designed to cater to the unique needs of small businesses, offering features such as team messaging and efficient handling of calls. Investing in the right telephone systems for small businesses, including office phones, is a crucial step in enhancing professionalism and efficiency.e risus tristique posuere. Efficient customer service relies on call routing, hold music, and call queues. Call routing directs calls to the right departments or agents, while pleasant hold music maintains professionalism and minimises frustration. Call queues manage high call volumes, ensuring organised and timely customer service. Our comprehensive phone service offers efficient call management features, including conference calls and an auto-attendant phone system. Moreover, benefit from the convenience of voicemail to email, ensuring seamless access to messages anytime, anywhere. Small business phone systems in Australia, including IP phones and mobile devices, facilitate efficient handling of business calls, enhancing overall communication within the organisation. A toll-free number allows businesses to receive calls without imposing charges on the callers, offering a convenient and accessible means for customers to reach out. Including a toll-free number on your website is an effective way to encourage customer engagement, allowing users to reach out and receive calls without incurring any charges. This customer-centric approach enhances accessibility and communication, fostering a positive interaction experience.