Case Study.

Please tell us about Tolton ?

"Tolton & Co is a CPA accounting firm operating in Maida Vale. We look after accounting and taxation needs for individuals and businesses. We offer everything from bookkeeping services up to complicated business structures. We have a very experienced team. We have been providing accounting services for over 37 years."

What challenges were you facing when you met Paul from Perth IT Care?

"At the stage Paul started to look after our IT needs, we were using in house computer facilities. The servicing of these needs is crucial, but we also needed guidance as to the changes we would need to make to keep up with technology and the advantages this makes." 

How was the process of working with Perth IT Care & what did you receive?

"Paul is always prompt, polite and incitive. Not only has he answers to our questions, but is eager to explain new innovations he encounters that help us keep relevant in these dramatically changing times."

What impact has Paul and Perth IT Care had on Tolton?

"Perth IT Care has meant that Tolton & Co is able to progress with our technology needs in Paul’s safe hands, so that we can deal with the technical accounting and tax aspects that are also important to us."

On an emotional level, what impact has Perth IT Care had on your life?

"Perth IT Care has genuinely made possible the path of growing with technology a much less stressful and productive journey. It is always comforting to know that an intelligent solution is just a phone call away."

Please describe what it’s like to work with Paul and Perth IT Care?

"Working with Paul has always a positive experience, he is both patient and listens to our questions."

What would have happened if you hadn’t met Perth IT Care?

"It is very dangerous to say but Tolton & Co might have been left 20 years behind inour approach to our job and IT growth. This in turn would leave us frustrated to complete tasks in a timely manner and left us way behind in efficiency, making us unable to compete against competition resulting in steadily reducing income."

Do you recommend Perth IT Care and Adrian Ioppolo to other business owners? Why?

"I do recommend Paul and Perth IT Care to other business owners because they make a difference in this ever changing and complex IT world. Also, they are apleasure to deal with."