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Case Study.

Please tell us about Mind Body Collective?

"I established Mind Body Collective in 2012 with a vision of unifying local yoga, health and wellness specialists on one easeful and accessible platform.

Offering an ever-evolving hub of allied health and wellness services to the people of Perth, the Great Southern Region of Western Australia and beyond, throughout the MBC website you can find distinguished Western Australian based wellness services, products, and events- from Yogatherapy, wellness retreats, yoga classes & studios, personal training & holistic life coaching, specialised health & wellness offerings, to celebrancy services."

What challenges were you facing when you met Adrian from Perth IT Care?

"Prior to seeking out Adrian’s services at Perth IT, I was faced with an array of website issues. At the time, my website was hosted by an overseas-based company who used a call centre for tech issues. Each time I would call for assistance I would be on hold for anywhere up to an hour at a time. When I finally got through to someone, often I would leave theconversation with my website issues unresolved." 

How was the process of working with Perth IT Care & what did you receive?

"It was a breath of fresh air to be able to call a local business, be connected to Adrian almost immediately and to know my tech issues were in safe hands. Adrian would troubleshoot with me over the phone until my web issues were resolved, and when more time was needed he always got back to me within 24 hours with a solution."

What impact has Adrian and Perth IT Care had on Mind Body Collective?

"My website is functioning the way I need it to be functioning, all issues resolved! Perth IT Care have gone above and beyond to ensure I have top level security for my site which means I now spend less time troubleshooting glitches and website technical issues,and more time focusing on the parts of my business I love."

On an emotional level, what impact has Perth IT Care had on your life?

"Tech issues are one of my least favourite things. The hours on end I have spent stressed on the phone troubleshooting tech issues with overseas companies just to try and save a few dollars, is testament that - as they say - “the poor man pays twice.” The peace of mind and time saved under the wing of Perth IT Care, has been worth every cent of my annual fee. Adrian’s down-to-earth friendly nature makes troubleshooting mind-bending tech issues over the phone feel like a walk in the park."

Please describe what it’s like to work with Adrian and Perth IT Care?

"As a small business owner with not a lot of time on my hands, clear communication and efficiency is key for me. In the world of cyberspace and IT, as someone who is very non-proficient in this area, clarity and efficiency is even more important. Having dealt with Adrian over the phone during the refurbishing of my website and the migrating of my website hosting, I can confidently say that clarity and efficiency is one of his strong suits."

What would have happened if you hadn’t met Perth IT Care?

"Had I not stumbled upon Perth IT Care, no doubt I would have wasted many hours searching for someone like these guys, and with the current state of the market dominated by AI chatbots and overseas call centres, I am doubtful whether I would have found a company that provides the kind of service and value for money that these guys do. "

Do you recommend Perth IT Care and Adrian Ioppolo to other business owners? Why?

"After having trialled many different IT and web hosting companies, Adrian and Co have absolutely gained my loyalty as a long standing customer. The support is second to none, so if you are looking for some solid human-to-human IT support I absolutely recommend these guys to other business owners!"