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Technology that supports your legal expertise not complicates it.

In the legal industry, safeguarding sensitive client information is paramount. We ensure your data privacy measures are robust, allowing you to focus on your cases with peace of mind.

Protect Billable Hours

Your time is valuable. Our IT support minimises downtime and streamlines your operations, ensuring you can dedicate more hours to your clients and less to tech issues.

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Tailored Support for Law Firms

We specialise in personalised IT support for legal practices, ensuring your technology operates smoothly with minimal oversight. Our services are designed to meet your current needs and adapt as your practice grows.

Choose our expertise as your IT partner to ensure your digital infrastructure requires minimal attention, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional legal services and driving your practice towards lasting success.

If your technology doesn't work efficiently, then your business won't either.

We're not a big, faceless agency. We're genuinely here to help.

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IT experts

At Perth IT Care, we offer IT and web support in all its forms. From web development and web rescue to phone system installation and IT training, and beyond.

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Local help

When you call us, the phone isn’t picked up in a call centre overseas. Our names are Adrian and Paul Ioppolo, and the phone will be picked up by one of us.

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Protecting small businesses

We’re a small business, and we help small businesses.Through expert IT and web support, we’ll give you the tools and peace of mind you need to succeed in the modern world. And we guarantee a personal, human experience every time you get in touch.

Adrian Ioppolo from Perth IT Care

Adrian 'the Beard' Ioppolo

Web Guy

Adrian is a web support and technical SEO sorcerer. He has recovered and upgraded many small businesses’ websites, freeing them from malware and hackers and ultimately helping them win more business. Worry not. You’re in good hands.

Paul Ioppolo from Perth IT Care

Paul 'Pops' Ioppolo


Paul is an IT troubleshooter who can do it all — a genuine ace of all trades. Building servers, debugging, and implementing IT strategies for business growth are his bread and butter, but no project is too big (or too small) for this digital wizard. He loves a good challenge.

But don’t stress. Because with us in your corner, we can get through anything.

Other web recovery and web repair services.

Even if your website hasn’t been hacked, it might be lost or broken. And it could still be costing you reputation, customers, and money. That’s why we offer web recovery and web repair services for every situation.
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Lost and broken website recovery.

If your website has been lost or damaged due to coding errors, server outages, a domain or hosting lapse, natural disasters, or anything else, we can recover and repair it. With Perth IT Care, rebuilding after you’ve suffered personal data loss has never been easier. The longer you wait to fix your site, the more business you’ll miss out on. So get in touch with us now.

General web repair.

You don’t need to wait until disaster strikes to get help. We’re here for everything relating to your website. Broken links and images, slow loading time, formatting issues, CMS or plugin conflicts, login and password issues, SEO issues, SSL certificate issues, DNS or server issues, e-commerce payment issues — the list goes on!

WordPress web repair.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, and we’re WordPress experts. Any issues you’re having with WordPress themes, plugins, security vulnerabilities, databases, or anything else, we can sort them out — no problem at all.

Website reformatting.

A WordPress site isn’t for everyone. They generally make your site slower and less secure. That’s why we offer website reformatting. Basically, we’ll rebuild your website outside of the CMS, and it’ll be faster and less prone to crashing because it won’t require a backend server. Google will love your new, lightning-fast site, and so will your customers.
a lighthouse looking out for danger or malicious actors

Our Legal IT support services.

Our legal IT support services provide tailored, secure, and efficient solutions to enhance your firm's productivity and protect sensitive client data.

Data Privacy Basics.

We offer essential services tailored to the legal industry, including secure email with backups on Perth servers, robust antivirus protection and more.

Vulerability Management.

Beyond the basics, our services include comprehensive vulnerability management by cyber security professionals. They review activity logs for any suspicious behaviour, provide detailed feedback and update security patches on device software as recommended by the authors. This proactive approach is crucial for minimising the risk of of downtime and ensuring your device remains secure and operational.

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Ethical Hacking /Pen Testing.

We collaborate with Perth Cyber Security, who ethically attempt to hack into your devices and network as a proactive measure. They provide us with a detailed feedback list, outlining recommended remediation tasks for us to complete.

Why we're the logical choice for legal IT support.

As locals ourselves, we always go the extra mile for our fellow Perth residents, especially when it comes to legal IT support Perth. With us, you’ll receive numerous benefits and bonus features—things larger overseas companies might expect you to manage on your own to cut costs.

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Help desk support

Providing technical assistance and troubleshooting for employees' IT-related issues, either remotely or on-site.
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Data backup and recovery

Implementing backup solutions to protect critical business data and ensuring the ability to recover data in case of system failures or disasters.
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Cybersecurity services

Enhancing your security measures to maximise your protection against unauthorised breaches and minimise the risk of being compromised.
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Software installation and configuration

Assisting with the installation, configuration and maintenance of software applications and ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
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Hardware installation and configuration

Advising on hardware needs and assisting with installation, ensuring a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.
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Cloud services & migration

Assisting with the setup, migration and management of cloud-based services, such as cloud storage, virtual servers and collaboration tools.
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IT training and education

Conducting workshops or training sessions to educate employees on IT best practices, cybersecurity awareness and efficient use of technology tools.
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'How to' IT support videos

Providing clear and concise 'how-to' IT support videos, empowering you to navigate tech challenges effortlessly.
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Server management

Ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of servers, including performance optimisation, patch management and server monitoring.
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VoIP phone system support

Configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems to enable reliable communication within the organisation.
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Virtualisation services

Implementing and managing virtualisation technologies, such as virtual servers or desktops, to optimise hardware utilisation and streamline IT infrastructure.
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IT disaster recovery planning

Developing comprehensive disaster recovery plans to minimise downtime and ensure business continuity in the event of a catastrophic IT failure.
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IT documentation and knowledge base

Creating and maintaining detailed documentation and a knowledge base that serves as a reference for troubleshooting, configurations and IT processes.
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Email communication services

Managing and configuring email systems, ensuring smooth communication channels, spam filtering and email security.
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Wi-Fi network setup & optimisation

Designing and optimising wireless networks to ensure secure and high-performance connectivity for employees and guests.
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"Perth IT Care literally saved our business"

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Ready to experience hassle-free IT for your legal practice?

We're here to streamline your technology, ensuring smooth operations and minimising downtime. Whether you're encountering tech challenges, seeking proactive support, or aiming to improve your digital infrastructure, we're your reliable IT partner dedicated to the unique needs of the legal industry.

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"I filled out their contact form (made a distress call) and in no time Adrian was on the phone helping me out."

Marcus Browne

Owner, Mishack

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Mishack Architect Logo

Do you only provide IT support in Perth?

While we work out of Perth, we can provide IT support for small businesses anywhere in Australia, thanks to remote access.

Do you offer cyber security solutions?

Yes, we work closely with cyber security professionals to provide vulnerability management and other cyber security solutions.

How experienced is your IT technician?

Paul our IT technician has over 17 years experience in the Perth IT industry.

Will I speak to a different person every time I have an issue?

We are a 2 brother team, so you will only ever speak to us, the owners, every time.

Case studies.

At our Perth-based IT company, we specialize in providing comprehensive IT solutions tailored specifically for small businesses. Our dedicated team of account managers works closely with each client to understand their unique needs and challenges. We pride ourselves on being one of the top IT support companies in Perth, offering managed IT support services that ensure our clients' technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.With our proactive approach to managed IT support, Perth businesses can focus on achieving their business goals while we take care of their IT needs. Our responsive customer service team ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, with fast response times to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you're a small business owner looking for cost-effective IT support services or a growing company in need of scalable IT solutions, our Perth IT company is here to help.Contact us today to learn more about our small business IT services and how we can support your business growth. With our tailored IT solutions and dedicated support team, you can trust us to be your reliable IT partner, helping you achieve your business goals and deliver exceptional customer experiences.